Morning Devotional Reading

Good morning!

I just reading the Our Daily Bread devotional for today December 18th. 2018 and I love how it was written. I admire the actions of the author of todays reading, how he carried his sons and Iadmire how it relates to how God carried and possibly kissed Moses at the end of Moses’ life.

Surely for the past few months I have gone through weary moments and times, but when the time comes I believe I will be with Jesus a d His Father. For the time is coming when I shall receive true (documented ) salvation (more on this in another post).

Check out todays devotional The Great Awakening.



Read Daniel 9:20-27 and by your choice Our Daily Bread March 16,2011

While Daniel was still in prayer Gabriel, an angel of God, came unto him(Daniel) with an answer from the Lord.

Seventy “sevens” or weeks was determined for Israel to finish or restrain from transgression & more(to have Israel & Daniel stand in a righteousness place for God). Throughout this time Daniel & his people can receive everlasting righteousness, visions & prophecy and to anoint the most Holy. On top of this there will be 62 weeks of rebuilding the city of Israel.

The seventy weeks determined for specific results sounds like a fast. Can you imagine fasting for about a year and six months (total 17 months)? Can you imagine the results and even the closeness of your relationship with God? To me this sounds nice. No, More than nice, SPECTACULAR! It could be like experiencing the relationship Adam Had with God!

Just wanted to share my amazement. I feel like sometimes it’s hard to reach that place where all the past men of God(Moses, Abraham, Noah etc.) was because of all the distractions around us and the commitment we make to things without realizing how this commitment will affect us in the future or realizing that this commitment disables us from fully doing Gods will in one way or another.(When I say this commitment I mean any commitment that just may not be Gods will for our lives, if it is His will then…yayy! no problem there )