Tuesdays Devotional

Today’s devotional was a funny one. A king who is said to be filled with pride says a command to have his chair be placed near, very near to the tide, without getting wet. He then commands the tide to not wet him or to not wet him, BUT the tide keeps rising!

The rest of the devotional is pretty much written like this. However, in the end we read that God is the master of the oceans, the waters, the skies, the sun and the stars; He is even master over the clouds and certainly master over us.

The Our Daily Bread Devotional for March 7th 2017 was titled Ruler of the Waves with scripture Job 38:1-18.

I tend to see this part of Job as a humbling section of the Bible. Truly, I believe only God has the answers to the questions He asks Job.

As I wrote this I choose to include a song from YouTube. Enjoy 🙂

❤ Jesus. -TC

You Are My Master by NYC’s Finest, Whatz Good Entertainment

Brian sang this song live and a cappella when we were at a charismatic Christian (Catholic) conference, it sounded better then how it is heard in this video.


Music: Cast My Cares by Finding Favour

Based on Scripture verse:
1 Peter 5:7 “…casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you.”

K-Love Behind the music:

Song with Lyrics:

It’s seems so easy to post on Facebook or any other social media platform about what’s bugging us. Sometimes we may pray about the situation, yet still feel an urge to post. For me it’s knowing it will be seen (or heard). But I realized just because what I post is seen or heard by others doesn’t mean that’s the way God is going to take care or solve the problem (unless the Holy Spirit says to do so).

For instance, I could post an article about why my boyfriend should buy flowers for me, he may see it and perhaps start buying flowers for me but it may not be a lasting change. If I cast my care to God, God may show me the bigger picture and he can work in my boyfriend (or me) with what’s going on in his heart (or my heart). My point is sometimes we take things to social media to vent or be seen or heard or to try to fix something, but God says to go to Him with every care.

(Think about this: Can Facebook really handle our cares?)

It may seem like our prayer falls on deaf ears, but that’s when we have to remember God’s Word(He hears our cries, He cares about us, is willing and able to fight for us) and repent for our sins (just in case. Isaiah 59:1,2).

It took remembering God for me to not post about the personal things that are an issue to me and won’t be solved right this minute as I wanted them to be.

Remebering God encouraged me today. Praising Him for His goodness allowed me to be patient and wait on Him to solve the issue without my intervening or show me what to do next.

I pray this song encourages you when you need it, in Jesus’ name.
Much love, be blessed. 🙂

Puzzle Piece?

Didn’t want to go to rehearsal tonight because it’s easier to not make the stop and just head straight home. But something kept nudging me to go. So I went. Plus this time I had enough transportation fare.

Again tonight, it felt right. Like the puzzle piece that fits right into its perfect spot. Like this is where I’m supposed to be. Truth is I haven’t been to rehearsal consistently for a little over a year now.

Lord, you know all about it.
Still in Your hands this remains.
Choir robe? Lol, You already know.
You’ll work it out, You always do Lord.
Thank You that I went tonight.