ODB: Shackled But Not Silent

If you’ve already read today’s Our Daily Bread devotional did you wonder about the title? Shackled but not silent… I suppose that depends on where you are from. I reside in the U.S. I wonder what someone in another country would think if they were to read today’s title.

While reading the story, I thought about people who are, in their minds and hearts segregated or prefer some individuals than others. Yes. I am talking about first, race and then there being reason of dislike toward another for whatever reason. Here I am speaking of race though to stay on topic. This group of individuals that were unlawfully arrested, they were black I believe. I’ve come to that belief because I know some of my history. I see myself as black. That’s the label and has been the label for many many years. I wondered how that individual felt about reading the first paragraph of our daily bread, IF they do read or IF they happen to read today’s Our Daily Bread.

Moving on. I enjoyed reading today’s reading. Both the scripture and the following story. Strength is seen in those who can worship God and sing praise through such an ordeal. In the story shared and in the Bible (Acts 16:25-34) both parties or groups worshiped God. They sang. Praise God that they had such strength, boldness, ability and courage to -sing – no, to worship. Hallelujah!

If faced with such an ordeal or situation my prayer is that I will worship my Abba. That I will worship my God and set my heart upon Him and not upon what will happen, ‘IF.’ The, ‘IF,’ in life can be heartbreaking. The most recent occurrence of this happening to me was after my ex and I broke up. Thanks be to God I realized what was going on. For I cried because I thought about the IF’s. If this or that. More specifically, the, ‘WHAT IF’s.’ Just the possibility of the thoughts we believe has an affect on us. I cried, sobbed even at the though of him being with a woman that flirted with him at work, at the thought of them enjoying each other in whatever way or capacity, at the though of him not telling me what went down or what happened at his workplace between him and this other woman – if anything was done. At the time of the break up this hurt. I give thanks to God though that I am not crying as I write these words. It’s been some time to really think about what happened, what he did and what I did because of that I am thankful that I am no longer heartbroken. Thankful that I was able to move on. Thankful that I’ve enjoyed life and am still enjoying life. Though it hasn’t been easy these past few weeks, but I thank God I’m still here. Alive and kicking! Hahahaha

I hope to share more about my last months of being 26yrs young. This is a post of being 27 YEARS YOUNG! HOORAH, HALLELUJAH!

Yes. I made it to my 27th birthday. I made it past my 27th birthday. I’m still here after a small surgery I was put to sleep for. Thank God I am still here.

It’s Saturday. A warm Saturday in May, the last Saturday in May actually. Enjoy it wherever you be. Remember to keep God first in all you do.

❤ God


I Want You

Longing for God

To finally want God above anything and anyone else is seen as an accomplishment in my own eyes. Last night I wondered about hearing from God and the way I want to hear from Him. Through His Word is certainly a way, but what about making decisions and choices via the Holy Spirit inside of you (or me). What happens when you draw closer to God by reading His Word continuously, or live in thanksgiving for the blessings He gives to us and actually do what His Word says; what Jesus says. Would we be finally closer to the lover of our souls, to God our creator? I believe we would be.