I Want You

Longing for God

To finally want God above anything and anyone else is seen as an accomplishment in my own eyes. Last night I wondered about hearing from God and the way I want to hear from Him. Through His Word is certainly a way, but what about making decisions and choices via the Holy Spirit inside of you (or me). What happens when you draw closer to God by reading His Word continuously, or live in thanksgiving for the blessings He gives to us and actually do what His Word says; what Jesus says. Would we be finally closer to the lover of our souls, to God our creator? I believe we would be.


Go to Him; He Can Help

The Widow’s Faith

My title means go to God, He can help you more than any other can. This is why I received from reading today’s scripture selection and ODB’s reading The Widow’s Faith by Poh Fang Chia.


The first  question I have today is, Lord, how can I be humble?

How can I show true humility as the tax collector did in Luke 18:9-14?

Expect and Extend Mercy • Luke 18:9-14

The Beauty of Brokenness • Psalm 51

I would like to try Kintsugi. It is a “centuries-old Japanese art of mending broken pottery.” Gold is mixed with resin and is used to put together again the broken object or pottery. I would like to try it, in hopes that I can try it and see the beautiful end result. I hope that is how we turn out. Beautiful after we have been broken. I think this is what happens.