Wouldn’t Life Be Better If…

Philippians 4:8 says to meditate on the things that are pure, lovely,noble, admirable, true, honest, just, of good report, things that have any virtue, and anything praiseworthy.  Now meditate doesn’t just mean to think about something then move on to the things … Continue reading

Just Believe!!

This specific part of Mark chapter 9 is one of my favorites. It is when the father of a boy asks Jesus to heal his son 
…if he(Jesus) can…Then Jesus says ” ‘If you can’? Everything is possible for him who believes.”
This is the 1st design. Paint was used for wording and “border”.I used color pencils for this design.I used color pencils for this design.

 “Don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeeling.” ( cool song)

I used color pencils for this design.
 BEIIEVE *fist punch in air* 
 RECIEVE   *fist punch in air* 
ACHIEVE   *fist punch in air*
from tc with ♥