The Secret Life Of Prince Charming – Deb Caletti – Book Review

So, here’s another book I’ve chosen to read during the summer. I actually  finished reading this book weeks ago, so this post is past due, my excuse – laziness and procrastination. I’m starting to recognize that those two words go hand in hand. Come to think about it, is it really possible to have one without the other?? Anyway it’s still summer, although this season is coming to an end, there is still just a bit of time to release all of the laziness and procrastination I have in me before I start school and other important responsibilities. 

Anyway back to the book review. 

The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti was a fairly good book. The tittle of this book is pretty much self-explanatory, but I’ll go deeper into what this book is about. The life of the male individual whom some females believe is their prince charming. It’s the guy who we think is prince charming. He’s handsome, romantic, sweet, and caring,blah, blah, blah, basically he may be what we want in a potential spouse. We may get in this phase that has us believing that the handsome, athletic male individual with the pretty eyes is all of a sudden prince charming. For some reason in this phase we don’t see the truth, sometimes we don’t even see the problems that this person may have with themselves or the problems that they can cause us.In this phase things are sometimes just blurry. This book here, in my opinion is pretty much saying that  there is no Prince Charming or Prince Charming is not perfect. After this summer I believe that there is no “Prince Charming”. I do believe that everyone has that particular someone out there just for them and no one else, that someone who God chose just for you. I also believe that no one is perfect, but that does not mean that we have to settle and it does not mean that we should have high expectations for someone else. 

For the ladies and gents (if you kinda know what I’m talking about) have you ever been through this phase, where you think that the person you like is just perfect? and if you have been thorough this phase, have you been through it more than once? if not how did you not get back into the “he/she is perfect” phase? 

Below is another review from that I agree with.



“Women empowerement. Let me hear it for the ladies! Those are the first words I thought of when I finished this excellently done book. If someone were to ask me what book they could find advice about love this would be it. Seriously that good. I know someone will beg to differ, but for my young heart it was the perfect advice.

Now I really loved Quinn, but my favorite character was her younger sister Charlotte (aka Sprout). I wish I had that much confidence at that age. In reality all the characters are strong in this book and the quest they go on turns out to be a real eye opener for all involved.
One of the things that really stood out to me is that sometimes people are jerks and have no excuses. A lot of the time we make excuses for people but this book tells you sometimes the jerks don’t have a foot to stand on.

Throughout the story we get little excerpts from Barry’s past girlfriends and Quinn’s relatives experiences with men. Listen to what they have to say. Another thing that I’m glad that Caletti did was have the main character be a nice person. Everybody looks at the adjective nice and thinks boring. Quinn is anything but boring but she is nice. She grows of course, but is still a nice person. I really appreciate that Caletti did that.

I have to say though I don’t think guys will agree with some of the things said in the book, but no worries not all guys are made to look like villians. If anything it represents that we let ourselves be treated badly. Oh yeah before I forget I must say I hate the cover. It totally sends the wrong vibe. If I hadn’t read a good review for it I would not have picked it up. A couple of F-bombs are dropped and there is the occasional cuss word but I’m sure most people won’t be bothered.

There are so many things to say but I just can’t cover them all. You can only get the full effect by actually reading it. Obviously highly recommended.” – Review Written By Goodreads member.


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– Fiction 

– Published 2009 

– isbn13:1416959408 

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