Redemption (In School Update)

As the semester started a few months ago, I posted about beginning a new journey by starting nursing school. I was jus reminded by my boyfriend to share my testimony, so

Here’s an update: I’m doing quite well in all of my classes, praise God!
There’s one class in particular that sticks out and it’s Elementary Statistics. So far, I’ve gotten grades that range within the 80’s.
A few years ago though, for my associate’s degree, I was taking statistics – and failing (while going through some family trouble). So I withdrew from Statistics and got a W grade. I wasn’t happy about it, but it was better than getting a F or even a D.

This is why I call this redemption. I’m taking Stats again, but this time God is with me and I’m passing! Glory to God!

Look at the past to give thanks for what God is doing in your present.

Truly remembering the past can cause you to miss the blessing of the present. It’s happened to me with things other than school. The best thing to do is to start giving thanks to God for things in the present, then also for things that you’re expecting Him to change, fix or do. It’s also good to give thanks for lessons learned or situations in the past.

God is still redeeming, restoring, making things new, making things beautiful. He is still fulfilling His promises and keeping His Word. He is still being faithful. Glory to God!

Numbers 23:19, Isaiah 55:9-11, Ecclesiastes 3:11, 1 Corinthians 1:9 Revelation 21:5, 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Update…On Things…

I am so excited right now! I joined my school newspaper club. Hope I can benefit from this in a good way and get some writing experience.

Anyway on other things…

For the last three days I’ve been working on a winter scarf – I’m actually almost done. It’s coming along great the fabric is not so fantastic but there’s not much to complain about. The yarn is not  rough or scratchy and it’s that kind of bubbly scarf(I’ll put a pic of what I call bubbly yarn in the next post).

Erm…my classes are going well, and I’m still keeping that positive attitude I talked about in a couple of posts ago. I hope your sticking to that same positiveness.

I finished reading my first book for September. I actually could not keep my eyes away from the pages. The book is titled Shades Of Blue by Karen Kingsbury. I will be writing a book review, probably this coming weekend since I don’t think I’ll be busy this weekend.

So pictures for the book reviews and of my “bubbly” scarfs will be in the upcoming posts.

” O so positive!” – Tia

That Time of The Year Again; IT’S CRUNCH TIME BABY!

That Time of The Year Again; IT’S CRUNCH TIME BABY!

Lol, I just felt like announcing that to the world. If you don’t know what exactly I’m talking about its SCHOOL.

Tips I have to keep in mind( and you too):

Stay Positive!

Set a Goal and Keep it.My goal for this semester, NO MATTER WHAT!, is to pass all my classes, with above average grades.

Believe! this one is very important.

Stay Away from the people who bring you down. and keep you from achieving your goals.

Keep believing! Don’t let people try to kill your dreams, they’re sucking the life outta you without even realizing it.  

Stay with people who inspire and encourage you to do better.

Don’t stress too much. Have fun. Relax. Don’t back down.

 –  TC

Back to School

So yes today marks the day when some college students go back to school and I’m pretty sure the overall mood of returning to school is at it’s all time low. I certainly could have used a couple of more days to relax and enjoy the wonderful spring weather that’s starting to pop up in some places.

Anyway if you read from my older blog( you would know that I had another chemistry test coming up and that I totally flunked the first exam. Well I took exam two before spring break and I got the result today. Can yall guess how great I did on exam2? can ya guess??? Well if you guessed that I scored an “A” then I’m sorry but your wrong. I got a 61. I know it’s still terrible but it is better than the 43 I got on the last exam, although my scores aren’t even close to the passing grades I’m still trying to keep my head up.

Besides going back to school and seeing another horrible grade, today was okay. Nothing  dramatic happened…learned a little more about someone I thought I knew enough of and got back in touch with an old childhood friend.

everything is breezy in my life right now –Tia*

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