I Can’t Keep My Own Secret’s – By Teen’s Famous + Obscure


First of I did not like this book. It was okay, but I would rather borrow this book out of the library, instead of actually purchasing it. The reason I took this book up off of the library shelf was because it had a form of poetry that I have not read before. Plus the book had poetry from other individuals(teens) that told of an experience that they had. I’m trying to remember what this type of poem is called, but it’s basically a six word…sentence. 

Easy read – poetry format

 Yes this book is an easy read, it’s not even past an inch thick so yea its an easy read. I finished reading this book within an hour or so while watching T.V.

There are some teen entries that caused me to think about what they’ve been through and how their doing now. Are they doing better or worse?, do they have proper guidance?, someone who they can trust?

I’m going to rephrase my review. If you want to read this book for humor or just to, I don’t know, read a fiction story this is not the book for you. If you are doing research, want something simple and/or random to read get this book(from the library).

-Tia aka TC