There’s Something About St.Tropez ~ Elizabeth Adler

I finished reading this book a couple of weeks ago, I just didn’t have the time to write a review about this book. Plus I’m kind of having a “writer’s block”  with writing this review so bear with me if I’m not so descriptive.

Here’s a mini-review from when I was reading the first half of There’s Something About St.Tropez:

“This book is going great. I really like the mysteries at the end of some of the chapters. The story isn’t going fast and nor is it going slow – I’d say maybe a medium pace. This book definitely has more french language than I thought it would.Even if you don’t know French you would still be able to understand  the plot. I’m now up to chapter 35!”

I really like the cover picture, it makes me think about vacationing on an island. I wonder if the water around St. Tropez looks like this…


I have to say that this entire book is great, It was just what I wanted to read. Something that captures summer and vacationing, not too much romance and definitely enough mystery to keep me reading, that s what I wanted and I got it by reading this book. On the plus side, if you’re looking for a little foreign language in the next book you want to read look no further(lol) because   this book (There’s Something About St.Tropez) is just right book for you. As said in my mini-review above, There is definitely more French language than I expected, so I learned a few (very few,lol) words like pommes frites which is french fries…or maybe just fries in english[if you’ve taken a french course then correct me if I’m wrong],Also fraises(similar spelling within the spanish language for the same word) which is strawberries in english.

Other Details

– Fiction

– Published 2009

– isbn13:9780312385149

Thanks for reading.


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New Categories Are Coming!

Hello everyone I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.

I’ve been thinking about adding two new categories to blog about. The first one would be about books that I’ve recently read. Basically it will be me discussing what I liked or did not like about a book that I’ve read or am currently reading. A book review.

The second category will be about natural curly/coily hair. That is the natural texture of my hair. I’ve been reading other blogs(listed in my blogroll) and watching YouTube videos about natural curly/coily(cc) hair, after all my hair is also naturally cc. It feels good to be able to finally relate to others about caring and styling my hair.  Reading these blogs and watching the YouTube videos even give me support when I don’t have it from my family or friends, it reassures  me that there is nothing wrong with the hair I was born with, even if others believe differently.

So I’ve finally decided to join the natural hair online community and offer my experience on having a non lye,texture treated, relaxed  head of hair. That sounds a bit defensive and rough, so nothing to or against those who have perms or texture treatments 🙂 I permed my hair for a few years before I decided to go natural, I am just excited about this, having more support and being able to relate to others about my hair – it’s exciting! 😀

So be on the look out for book reviews, posts about my natural hair( and possibly yours) AND for pictures for both the book reviews and my hair.

Thanks for reading