Watch “Do We Argue?! | Couples Q&A | Aaron & Jamie-Grace” on YouTube

Aaron & Jamie-Grace on “Do We Argue?” Also check out Jamie’s song Wait It Out, especially if you are single πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ there’s nothing wrong with being single, if you’re a believer in Christ, let Him shape you & build you up.

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Guys this couple is so cute!!! I admire that they are best friends. And I thank God my dad and his wife do not argue!!! This is coming from someone with divorced parents who argued way too much in my late teen years. Times are much better now, thank You Lord for these better times.

Mini – Update:

My former ex and o got back together at the end of July!

God answered a prayer that I was close to letting go off πŸ˜” but what do you do after He answers the prayer??? I think continuous praise and worship is due to the LORD.

Tonight, even with a boyfriend, I decided it’s totally fine to smell good for yourself. I’m not meeting boyfriend, but guess what? I felt like smelling good and I went about doing that πŸ˜‰. So ladies (and men too), treat yourself well but perhaps with moderation πŸ‘.


New Generation

Or current generation?

I boarded the bus not too long ago on this morning of April 4th 2019. Went to take a free seat in the back and took notice of every person sitting, that of five, each had headphones in or on. Including person six, me, listening to Casting Crowns Follow Me on my soon to be deleted subscription to Amazon Prime. I’m not rich yet, so I’ll have to cancel the subscription until later notice then be satisfied with listening to YouTube or singing my own songs to and of the Lord.

Holiday Season 2018

Hey readers!

T here.

The holiday season has begun. If it hasn’t it begins tomorrow. Today is the day before Thanksgiving in the US( Estados Unidos en espaΓ±ol). I am currently learning Spanish via Duolingo.

So it’s Thanksgiving eve. Today I am working. Working in the store I’ve wanted to leave for about the past month. I am absolutely happy to still be working and still getting a pay check. A day ago I signed up to be a representative for two companies and last week I signed up to a a representative of a travel company. I pray I will not forget to include God in all the ways I am trying to make an income.

I will be working tomorrow night as well. This year I do not mind it. I’d rather not feel weird with my dad and step mom as they go to a family friends Thanksgiving dinner. Besides, this is the first Thanksgiving I’d be single for the last four or five years.

I wonder what Christmas will be like.

My ex has already wished me happy holidays weeks before Thanksgiving. Idk, I guess it was good for him to get that out of the way. I didn’t expect him to wish me happy holidays, but he did. He said he moved on, maybe that’s why I didn’t expect him to say or send anything. [Yes. I actually have begun to call him my ex. No reason why. Except that’s the one word most commonly known to represent a special someone that is no longer a special someone…]

Here are two photos I captured today. Cookies I bought because it’s the holidays. And one of me in my work t-shirt.

I started 80 Day Obsession today. 79 more days to go. I’ve challenged myself.

And there’s a guy that seems to be so interested in me. I’ve made a few mistakes regarding him bit what I don’t want is just to be a sample he’s trying out. I’d rather stay single until i get myself together. I’ve made friends, Christian friends within the last few weeks! It all started out with one meeting by a woman I’ll call Louise Susanne* (actual name omitted for privacy). Thank You Father God for answering my prayers and also for these new connections with a sister and brotherhood in Christ.

My Apologies

No published posts in over a month!

I apologize. The only desktop computer I have available are the ones in the library and at the library I literally only have an hour on the computer :/

But I’ve asked the Lord for a new home computer (the ones I’ve had at home need to be replaced) and I’ll be waiting and thanking Him until it arrives. πŸ˜€

I have so much to share!

For now I’ll just let you all know that I have created a new website – PFLH Designs –

If you’ve been interested in the various drawings and pictures I’ve posted in previous times then visit in order to see what’s been going on with that business. Poster and bookmarks will be available to you soon, but please don’t let that stop you from requesting and image or drawing.

Well, with 10 minutes left I must say toodles! πŸ˜‰